Attraverso 2024

Summer proposals for service, training and sharing in migratory and intercultural contexts

We leave together, young people from different cities in Italy and Europe for places to encounter the themes of migration and cross-cultural encounters, to cross visible and invisible borders, to put ourselves in service, to let the stories of those who spend themselves alongside the most fragile people, to confront and build community among ourselves.

In all camps we will experience moments of listening and reflection to break down the material and immaterial walls of our society, moments of sharing and exchange to build networks and connections. With the associations present in the different territories we will immerse ourselves in valuable and difficult realities, we will walk alongside them putting ourselves on the line to build a society with more bridges and fewer walls!



We will be at some of the most significant places of border crossings to enter and leave our country-these are almost invisible lines for those with European passports, while for those without papers they are walls and barriers that are difficult to overcome, rejections and humiliation. We will experience the reality of the border by meeting with associations working alongside migrant people in transit and putting ourselves at service to make our contribution; we will delve into the workings of the bureaucratic and legislative “games” underlying European border management.

WHEN: August 11-17, 2024

WHERE: Ventimiglia lives on that land border that separates Italy from France, a crossing place for many people in transit from different migration routes, who attempt to reach France hoping to go unnoticed by the gaze of border police.

This border is the perfect example of how an ID or skin color makes all the difference: luxury cars speed along the highways, crossing the French-Italian border; tourists of all backgrounds travel on trains from one side of the border to the other, to visit what is beautiful about these two countries. Very few steps away from them, men, women, sometimes whole families attempt to cross the Pass of Death, a long and winding mountain path that leads from Grimaldi to Menton, the first French town across the border.

WHAT: We will work closely with local associations and a dense network of private citizens to approach the migration phenomenon that has characterized this place for decades, supporting the solidarity realities already operating. It will be an opportunity to approach the issue of freedom of movement by looking at the different strategies that European countries implement to deny entry to foreign nationals without the right documents and then illegally reject them.

We will serve at the Caritas Intemelia office in facility reception services, preparation and distribution of lunches, arrangement of donated clothing and in social-legal orientation. We will also cooperate in distributing dinner at the Roverino yard, working alongside the volunteers who will be on duty. During the camp we will listen to valuable testimonies and reach France by walking across the border in the footsteps of those who try and are continually rejected. We will reflect on the unjust, inhumane and violent dynamics that filter the passage of human beings.

LOCAL PARTNERS: Caritas Intemelia, WeWorld, Waldensian Diaconia, Emmaus Roya, Ligurian and French associations and informal groups that support migrants in transit

WHEN: August 26-31, 2024

WHERE: Trieste, gateway to Europe, terminus of the Balkan Route: every day through this city dozens of people enter Italy after walking for weeks through the woods of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, after months of travel that brought them here from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and many other Near Eastern countries.

WHAT: We will learn firsthand about the migration dynamics affecting Trieste, working alongside Linea d’ombra, ICS and the San Martino al Campo Community in the daily activities of supporting people on the move as they arrive in Trieste. We will hear from local actors whose daily actions are political witnesses to a radically alternative vision of what the border is. We will travel, for a few kilometers, the stretch of border that people on the move cross before arriving in Italy.

LOCAL PARTNERS: Shadow Line, ICS – Italian Solidarity Consortium, St. Martin’s Field Community, Caritas, Society of Jesus

WHEN: August 18-24, 2024

WHERE: Oulx, is a small mountain town in the upper Susa Valley, a key transit hub for people from Africa and the Near East heading for France. A key stop on the Alpine route, it is the starting point for those who choose to set out, with the hope of a better future.

A clearly visible land border that women and men, minors and families cross every day to reach France.

WHAT: In Oulx, we will have a service experience, working with the operators and volunteers who run the shelter on the Italian side and its counterpart across the border. We will meet the people staying at these shelters, listen to their stories, and help provide them with clean rooms, a hot meal, and the necessities to continue their journey. We will delve into the phenomenon of human mobility along the Alpine route by meeting with witnesses, trainers and those who support people in transit on a daily basis. We will set out, traversing the long mountain paths to experience firsthand the difficulties of transit. We will hear the history of the Susa Valley, which all ‘stroke found itself to be a place of transit for thousands of people. We will reflect on the meaning of borders, European migration choices, and the subtle but indispensable balance that holds the reception system in Oulx.

LOCAL PARTNERS: During the week we will work with local associations such as Refuge Fraternity Massi, Talità Kum Foundation, Diaconia Valdese, Medu – Doctors for Human Rights,Franciscan Sisters of Susa in Foresto, Refuge Solidaire in Briançon.

Seasonal work

We will be in some places in our country where the agricultural sector thrives on the labor of seasonal workers with migrant backgrounds who often find themselves in conditions of exploitation and caporalism. We will serve alongside the realities engaged every day in assisting and promoting workers’ rights, and we will allow ourselves to be traversed by stories of hardship and deprivation along with stories of welcome and solidarity through encounters with trainers and witnesses.

WHEN: August 19-24

WHERE? A moving camp based in Fossano and organized service activities between Cuneo and Saluzzo. These two Piedmontese cities are located in a predominantly agricultural area, and hundreds and hundreds of seasonal workers flow toward it every year; an area that, for this reason, has been facing the issue of labor exploitation for years. In this place, full of important resources but also strong injustices, the Caritas Presidia of Cuneo and Saluzzo offer their help to support migrant workers.

WHAT? We will immerse ourselves in the agricultural territory of Cuneo and Saluzzo and the dynamics that affect them. Our service will be alongside seasonal workers and in support of those already working in the area. In Cuneo, we will be supporting the social canteen, the cycle workshop and the listening and orientation counters for migrants; in Saluzzo, we will provide canteen service, showers and take care of the distribution of clothes and blankets. There will be no shortage of training and meeting moments: we will try to learn about the history of this area by delving into various aspects of the phenomenon of labor exploitation and listening to the testimony of actors who have been working for years to counter it.

PARTNERS: Caritas diocesan Cuneo-Fossano, Caritas diocesan Saluzzo-Saluzzo Migrant.

WHEN: first round July 27-Aug. 3; second round Aug. 3-Aug. 10

WHERE? The camp will be based in San Severo, on the outskirts of Gargano, Puglia. The area has several informal settlements of seasonal workers who, mainly in summer, settle here to work in the countryside. The tomatoes we find on our tables almost certainly come from this territory and from the employment of thousands of laborers, mostly foreigners, subject to labor exploitation.

WHAT? We will be engaged on a daily basis with an Italian language teaching service in the Padre Arcangelo Maira Folk School, located in the Ghetto, as well as animation initiatives for those from the ghettos who have managed to get out and are welcomed at some facilities.

Concrete activities alongside seasonal laborers will be complemented by educational meetings to understand the phenomenon of caporalato and more generally the dynamics of human mobility associated with this territory.

PARTNER Caritas San Severo, Emmaus Road Community Association, Boabab Intercultural Center, Coop. Rainbow, Siniscalco Ceci Emmaus Foundation


A week designed for those who live the crossing every day on their skin and in their existence: a circle of young people with roots from the world, for a time of sharing and service building together the identity of an increasingly intercultural present and future.

WHEN: August 29-September 4

WHERE? Cosenza, a city rich in intertwining and contamination: behind it a history of languages and cultures that have succeeded, met, clashed and mixed, and a present with new challenges, beauties and contradictions. Lorica, a small village in the vast Sila Park nature reserve with forests and lakes.

WHAT? A week to come together among young people with different roots, colors and tastes behind them to build a multicultural and multicolored Italy and world. Listening to testimony and going to meet people and realities operating on the ground in and around Cosenza, we will experience various nuances that welcoming can mean, putting ourselves at service to make our contribution. Instead, a second part of the camp will be immersed in the nature of Sila Nature Park-a time to meet and reflect on one’s identities. With various moments of reflection and sharing with educators and youth walking this path together, the goal of the week will be to generate change: for the participants, for the people we will meet along the way, change of culture and mindset.

PARTNERS: Migrantes Diocese Cosenza – Bisignano, Auxiliary Sisters

From the Scalabrinian family

Proposals between Italy and Europe by Scalabrinian Missionaries and Scalabrinian Secular Missionaries to explore the themes of human mobility in light of the style of the founder St. John Baptist Scalabrini.

WHEN? August 12 to 15, 2024.

Oi! Lisbon has remained in the hearts of millions of young people as a house of fraternity and a city of dreams. After the World Youth Day experience, the pilgrims returned home resplendent with the Light of the Gospel and with a desire to live it and witness to it. In Amora, a few kilometers from Lisbon, there is a vibrant multicultural Scalabrinian Mission.

Here we experienced the warmth of WYD, welcoming hundreds of young pilgrims, and we still carry in our hearts all the love of those days. One year later, we want to continue to keep this flame alive by rediscovering the figure of a great Saint, Scalabrini, and the relevance of his charism, which animates the life of our community, helping to generate a welcoming Church, a Church of “todos, todos, todos.”

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? A true experience of fraternity, participation in the International Migrant Pilgrimage to Fatima, creative workshops with music and moments of meditation at sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, trekking, spaces for reflection, prayer, conviviality and celebration.

TO WHOM IS IT ADDRESSED? This pilgrimage is designed for young people from 16 to 29 years old who wish to know or deepen the charism of Scalabrini and keep the flame of WYD Lisbon 2023 alive.

WHERE? Shrine of Fatima and Amora, Portugal (Scalabrini Seminary).

COST? €50 until June 2. €60 after June 2


PARTNERS: Parish of St. John Baptist Scalabrini of Amora, Lay Scalabrinians Amora, ASCS.



WHEN: Aug. 1-12

WHERE: Agrigento, a crossroads of peoples, a treasure chest of history that reveals, in the harmony of the architectural forms it preserves, the enchantment of the meeting of diversities with that succession and search for each other of styles. This vast Sicilian diocese, which also includes within it Lampedusa, a land of great emigration and a landfall of refugees, an outpost of hope and expectation that seems to scrutinize, like a sentinel before the horizon of the sea, the signs of the times kept within the dreams of migrants.
Since 2014, a community of Scalabrinian secular missionaries has lived here and offers a summer experience of training and sharing with migrants from the stories of these lands.

WHAT: Ten community days with Scalabrinian secular missionaries with meetings with migrants and refugees, visits to significant places, voices and testimonies of welcome, prayer and sharing, in-depth studies on the theme of migration, exchange in intercultural groups, natural and artistic beauty i

LOGISTIC NOTES: Arrival (Aug. 1) and return (Aug. 12) trips are to be arranged personally. Expenses for food, lodging, travel to the site, etc. Will sustain themselves in the style of fellowship (Acts 4:32)


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