Training, service and sharing weekend at the borders of our country.

The border: a line drawn between seas, mountains, rivers, people, lives. The perception of the world, of a country, from the border is different from that of the ones in the chaos of big cities. At the borders, there are those who try to cross over, but if they do not have the papers in order, every time a watch-and-thief with the police takes place.

During the “ConFine” weekends, we want to immerse ourselves in the realities of the border for a few intense days: we listen to testimonies, we get our hands dirty alongside those who serve people on the move every day, we physically walk across the border.


Through the individual proposals we will touch upon the realities of Europe’s visible and invisible borders-Oulx, Como-Chiasso, Trieste and Ventimiglia. Through service and sharing, we will support people on the move, meet testimonies, and experience moments of reflection and exchange.




Together we can build an open and inclusive community in which diversity is an asset and everyone can contribute to the creation of the common good.