In collaboration with a number of partners expert in health promotion, we daily engage in activities on health literacy, prevention pathways and screening for the many migrants, refugees and local communities which we work with as ASCS.

In collaboration with Susan G. Komen Italia, an organization devoted to preventing and fighting breast cancer, from 2016 to date we have organized several screening appointments for major women’s diseases, “hosting” the Carovana della Prevenzione at our Rome and Milan venues. In recent years, we have also signaled and referred many women to the health promotion activities offered by Komen Italia at the Race for the Cure Health Village in Rome.

Together with LILT Milano (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) we organize awareness evenings on cancer prevention and refer migrant women to their free screening service through pap-test, mammogram and gynecological examination.

At Casa Scalabrini 634, ASCS headquarters in Rome, in collaboration with the association Medicina ai Margini – OdV we promote theMAM Outpatient Clinic, a health desk of primary and specialty care and service guidance free of charge to the fragile segment of the territory, with particular regard to the migrant population, for whom access to care is most hindered. The health desk also has a pharmacy for drug distribution to ensure continuity of care and treatment. The MAM outpatient clinic is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday, with free access for general care and scheduled access for specialist and instrumental examinations.


Together we can build an open and inclusive community in which diversity is an asset and everyone can contribute to the creation of the common good.