Pick your size – migration tailored to you

Pick your size – migration tailored to you is ASCS’s workshop on human mobility designed for middle and high schools and youth groups.

It is titled “Pick your size,” or choose your size: knowledge of the migration phenomenon in fact starts from one’s own experience of migration and what one experiences in encountering the other. The path wants, therefore, to put the boy at the center in order to build with him and with the group a path that leads: to the richness of the encounter with other diversities; to deepen the themes of human mobility; to the civic responsibility of each person, within the community and the territory to which he belongs.

The goal is, therefore, to activate processes of cultural change with children, starting from their own knowledge and experience of the migration phenomenon, to be active citizens and create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

“Pick your size” proposes 3 areas for workshop paths:

– Diversity as richness
– Freedom of movement
– Active citizenship

Starting from the area chosen by the teachers/educators of the group, the workshop can be designed by choosing a “size” to fit the needs of the group in terms of number of meetings, number of hours per meeting and level of depth. A size S will provide, for example, one three-hour meeting, M four one-hour meetings per week or one four-hour meeting, and so on.

Diversity as richness

In an increasingly intercultural everyday life, the challenge is to develop a culture that sees differences as an asset rather than a threat: only starting with the youngest can a new mindset be built. In the course we will work with prejudice and stereotypes, cultural diversity, discrimination, xenophobia and migration stories next door.

Freedom of movement

Why is there someone who arrives at the gates of Europe after very long and dangerous journeys while I can go anywhere in the world with my red passport? In this journey through activities, reflections and role-plays we will experience with the children the themes of human mobility: migration routes, passports, walls in the world, migration stories of yesterday and today. Together we will experience Balkan Route through “The Game,” a role-playing game from the Near East to the gates of Europe.

Active Citizenship

How can we, young people and youth, contribute to the life of our community? Often kids see “who matters” far away from them, yet each one can make a difference…. Starting from the rights framework of the Universal Declarations, we will work together on active participation, information, best practices to create community, service experiences.

If you are interested in talking about these things in a class, a youth group in a parish, a clan or scout department, a Catholic Action group, or any other movement, please contact us (fill out the form) for more information, via email at piupontimenomuri@ascs.it

If you follow us on our social channels @piupontimenomuri you will find photos and stories of the groups we are meeting during this period!

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