More Bridges Less Walls Remix

More Bridges Less Walls Remix
Experiential identity and active citizenship workshops: what is your remix story?

More Bridges Less Walls Remix is an opportunity for young people in improving life skills and orienting themselves in a vibrant, multicultural city.

  1. How do I see myself? How do others see me?
  2. Reconstructing my story positively: what are my roots?
  3. Am I aware of my identity and uniqueness?
  4. Do I consider myself a young person with multiple roots?
  5. How am I in the relationship?
  6. Women’s empowerment and leadership

More Bridges Less Walls Remix
Experiential discussion workshops on cross-cultural parenting

More Bridges Less Walls Remix is an opportunity to improve parenting and life skills while accompanying their children’s growth in a multicultural city. Wants to promote intergenerational, intercultural and gender dialogue and foster training in welcoming and active citizenship within their communities.

  • Reconstructing my story positively: what are my roots?
  • How to learn to be in the relationship with your children?
  • How do we turn the challenges of parenting in a multicultural world into opportunities for personal and family growth?
  • How to find the balance in raising children between the two home cultures with values and reference points different from one’s own?

The methodology used will be engaging and engaging. Multilingual workshops will be offered with a few participants where everyone will be at ease, being able to express themselves in the languages in which they feel most confident.

The techniques used aim to promote and develop life skills, to grow listening, dialogue and empathy.

The Labs will be led by competent psychologists and educators with multiple experiences in cross-cultural settings.

The course also includes intergenerational and cross-cultural conversations.

The project is a proposal of ASCS in collaboration with the Sinhalese community of San Bernardino alle Ossa, Latin American community of Santo Stefano, Filipino community of Chiesa del Carmine and Italian community of Oratorio dei Chiostri – Paul VI Pastoral Community. Supported by Vismara Foundation, Migrantes Foundation and Carmine Church of Milan.


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