The Game

Did you know that Lampedusa is not the only gateway to Italy for those traveling along migration routes? In the newspapers we always talk about migrants, Africa, the Mediterranean, barges, Libya and Sicily: have you ever heard of Trieste and the Balkan Route? Away from the media spotlight, 50 people with a long journey behind them arrive in Trieste by feet every day: they started from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and traveled for months along the “Balkan Route” from the Middle East to our doorstep.

“The Game” is a role-play game in which you will get to put yourself in the shoes of migrants and move around the chessboard of an Eastern Europe dense with borders, traffickers and hard choices to make.

This workshop is the result of an experience lived in person along the Route by a group of ASCS young volunteers in the “Unbroken Humanity” project, from which the book of the same name published by Seipersei in 2020 was born.

Playing The Game requires 3 to 15 players and a time frame of about 2 hours. It is designed especially for classrooms, scout groups, parish groups, and associations.

Refugee for a day

Refugee for a day is an activity promoted at Casa Scalabrini 634 aimed at the youth and adult groups. Through this initiative, participants can put themselves in the shoes of a migrant and symbolically experience the journey through an obstacle course that will lead them to reach the “border” or encounter “dangerous” situations.

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