At Casa Scalabrini 634, an ASCS project based in Rome, we promote the culture of welcoming, encounter and integration between migrants, refugees and the local community, following the invitation of Pope Francis.

We take in thirty people including families and young refugees in semi-autonomy, promote activities and trainings open to all, and organize moments of encounter, dialogue and celebration.

Moving from community life of the reception centers to life outside of facilities can prove complicated and, often, the tools to adapt to the change are lacking. In this transition, we want to be a bridge to full personal, professional, housing and relational autonomy.

Our initiatives aim to create relationships, friendships and a support network for all and sundry.

This is made possible thanks to a specialized team that collaborates in synergy and continuity with facilities, associations and other entities in the area working in the same areas of intervention, with the precious support of our volunteers who dedicate their time to the children and the community with creativity and passion.

Casa Scalabrini 634 by Mamudou Sowe – MyVyou Project CSER Foundation

Besides the autonomy of labor, housing and economic freedom, it also and above all promotes the relational autonomy. Through the promotion of activities aimed at the interaction between the residents of the House with the local community, volunteers and anyone who participates in the proposed events, it aims to create a network that supports the children and families even when they leave the House.

At Casa Scalabrini 634 we work together to take care of everyone!


Individuals and families welcomed and accompanied to autonomy
countries of origin of the people received
People trained through the various courses promoted
People made aware of the migration phenomenon

Some videos of the house


Together we can build an open and inclusive community in which diversity is an asset and everyone can contribute to the creation of the common good.