Scalamusic is the ASCS Christian music project that has been gathering and promoting music talents for nearly 15 years, supporting their creativity on themes related to the human mobility reality.

The aim of the project is to stimulate the artistic potentiality of young people and adults who revolve around the “Scalabrinian” world. This is done through the provision of a concrete and permanent opportunity for creative workshops, participation in artistic events of various kinds and the publication of some audio-video works. The latter are intended as a privileged vehicle for outreach and involvement in missionary work in serving migrants.


To gather

It gathers music talents – both religious and secular – within the Scalabrinian environment. It does so by promoting their creativity through qualified musical production on themes relating to the world of human mobility.

To incentivize

It fosters the artistic potentiality of young Scalabrinians around the world, by offering them a concrete and permanent opportunity to publish their works.

To spread

Spreads Scalabrinian music as a preferred vehicle for communication, awareness and involvement in missionary work in the service of migrants.

To foster

Promotes the professional training of new Scalabrinian artists, religious and lay, who can give continuity to the project.





This is the CD that the European Region of the Scalabrinian Missionaries produced to mark the centenary of the death of the Blessed Founder. The title of this musical work is well suited to summarize the “dreamand mission of the Scalabrinian charism, themes present in each of the fourteen songs composed by Scalabrinian missionaries and lay people.

A collection of songs from theshow of thesame name For Distant Lands The Musical,” a work staged by the Scalabrini&Friends Theater Company. A musical comedy in two acts that, through dance, dancing and acting, draws a picture of St. John Baptist Scalabrini, tracing his works and recalling the most important events of his time.

Friendly Voice is the title of this multi-ethnic,” dense and sincere CD that, through fresh language, speaks to the hearts of all and especially to the hearts of young people. It opens this musical proposal with the song “It will not be enough” (first prize at Jubilmusic – International Christian Music Festival 2006), to the pop sounds of “My place” (second prize at Holymusic – International; Music for Prayer Festival 2007).

Migrants is a musical that tells the story of a Mexican family trying to enter the United States from Mexico, to fulfill that dream common to so many Latin American migrants. The main character is an American journalist who tries to pass himself off as one of the polleros, the migrant smugglers, and tries to convince this family to be guided by him.

A newmusical proposal that celebrates theuniversal and missionaryidentity ofthe Church. A work aimed, in a special way, at the missionary world: groups, movements, congregations and local churches engaged in this dimension. Thirteen hymns that follow the liturgy of the Mass, easy to perform and cared for in melody and text, for good involvement of the assembly.

It is a mini-CD collecting 6 songs. From the experience of meeting a trafficking victim comes “I Don’t Stop Hoping,” a hymn to forgiveness and the desire to begin again. “Migrate, voice of the verb hope” tells the story and dream of many migrants. Fr. Raffaele De Lorenzo’s celebration of a life spent for others travels to the notes of “Love Never Says Enough,” in two versions, both highly evocative. From the strange pairing of migration/food, the theme of an international competition, comes “As Long as You’re Hungry,” which sings of a common commitment to fight world hunger. “You Are Billions of Others,” the title song of the album, tells of the beauty of the encounter with Christ present in every human being, a theme that was the focus of several Scalamusic workshops held between 2011 and 2012.

After a year and a half of assiduousness, Scalamusic’s CD entitled “Frontiers” has been released. The new album contains the songs and music from the musical of the same name, which came about as the result of a series of art workshops involving some 20 young people from different ethnic backgrounds. This initiative was funded by the Region Blessed G. B. Scalabrini and by Roma Capitale. The songs in the musical, penned by Scalamusic composers and songwriters, tell sevenreal-life stories ofemigration experienced on the frontiers of our world. The arrangements were arranged by maestro Fabrizio Palma, who is also the composer of the musical’s original music.

Scalamusic ‘s experience. in various Italian dioceses, through concerts and workshops with young people, has made it possible to devise training courses dedicated to youth groups and developed in several stages, which specifically aim to train in dialogue between different cultures, taking into account the psychological and social dynamics that are activated in multicultural contexts. After an initial self-production, Pauline Editions has produced the subsidy “Beyond All Borders”, linked to 15 songs downloadable from iTunes.
I will become – Flush – The cage of thoughts – Like a kite – I trust you – The trails of kites – I live between two realities – I tomorrow – Meeting of souls – The colors are us – Trust you – Las Estrellas – You are billions of others – You cannot die of hope – My place.


Project contact person: Anna Olivier

Authors: Enrico Selleri, Daniele Scarpa, Fabio Baggio, Francesco Buttazzo, Antonio Grasso, Gabriele Beltrami, Antonella Mattei, Claudio Oroni, Daniele Tani

Artists: Isabel Pané, Federica Formilli, Claudia Zancla, Domenico Bontempi, James Avanzi, Alessandro Nistri, Andrea Sabbantonio, Anna Maria Avitabile, Daniele Mancini, Luca Rufini, Maeva Cottarelli, Marco Tapino, Serena Calabrese, Serena Tacconelli, Valentina Febraro, Mirko Marcotulli, Ilaria Balla, Michele Scrivo, Alessia Serra, Livia Biscione, Sara Figlioli, Vanessa Di Cerbo, Mirko Marcotulli, Felice Basile, Sandra Ilari, Francesca Casaretti, Cecilia Scrivo, Davide Scafetti, Andrea Dal Molin, Roberta Cerantola, Alessandro Verduci, Alessandro Zonta, Daniele Meneghetti, Massimo Dalla Valle, Michael Sicily, Erika Petucco, Daniele Guida, Maria D’Oria, Ilenia Ferrazzi, Ylenia Zen, Chiara Spagnolo, Giulia Vidale, Noemi Fiorese, Francesca Ferrazzi


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