We Care for Madison

My name is Madison and I am a theology student from the United States. My program sends students each summer to complete a “ministry immersion,” during which they gain useful experience by working with an organization relevant to their interests. I have been incredibly interested in immigration topics, particularly in Europe, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to volunteer at Casa Scalabrini 634 for two months. While here, I have been tutoring English and getting to know the staff and residents here at the house. I’ve been blown away by the community here; people have truly welcomed me with open arms, especially as I work on my Italian language skills. It’s also been inspiring to see how people care for one another in the house. This feels like a true home, where everyone is welcome. When Casa Scalabrini 634 had its end-of-year party, it was incredible to see the number of people who showed up, all people whose lives had been touched by this place in some way over the years, and to be able to celebrate all the great work that this place does.

I also participated in the #AttraversoVentimiglia camp, where I met other people my age who were interested in immigration topics, helped distribute food and clothing at the border between Italy and France, and learned a great deal about the experiences of those who are trying to migrate through Europe. It was a challenging experience, during which we volunteered at Caritas, hiked from Italy into France along the Passo della Morte, and spoke with people who have dedicated their lives to helping migrating persons. Despite the difficulty of seeing injustice right in front of me, the experience was still full of hope, as there are incredible people working towards justice and compassion for all.

’m so grateful that I’ve been able to spend two months at Casa Scalabrini 634. I feel like I’ve learned so much that I’m excited to bring back with me to the United States. It’s been such an incredible, challenging, beautiful experience, and I’ve felt so much love and care from everyone I’ve met through ASCS.

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