The #WeCareForClimate project has as its lead entity ASCS, an association that has always been active in the field of migration and wants to open up in this circumstance to the issue of climate change as well. Close cooperation is expected with the associated entities: the City of Chieri, UPM, AGM and SIHMA; in addition, the FFF Chieri group will be involved.

Young people will be involved in all phases of the process: in training, direct experience, and planning further outreach events. In particular, we will target youth groups of Turin diocesan networks, scout groups, and volunteers and activists from the extremely rich and dynamic local associationism.

The methodology adopted is based on the intertwining of two essential elements: training and experience. Only from the meeting of the two can awareness be produced that drives change.


WeCareForClimate aims to raise awareness and activate local youth on migration, climate change, with a focus on connecting them. The purpose is to generate change in the younger generation to respond to the urgencies of this time, especially realizing the close connection between climate justice and social justice.


The WeCareForClimate project has ASCS (Scalabrinian Agency for Development Cooperation) as its lead partner, an association that has always been active in the field of migration and wants to open up in this circumstance also to the issue of climate change. Close cooperation with associated subjects is expected:

  • City of Chieri: long engaged with many projects in youth outreach and involvement. He has collaborated with ASCS from 2019 onward, supporting projects proposed by the association’s Youth Animation in the area of migration.
  • UPM (Migrant Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese of Turin): deals with the complex world of human mobility, individuals, families and communities involved in migration paths. To this end, it offers welcome and listening services, Italian language and culture courses, employment guidance services, housing services for vulnerable segments of the population, outreach to migrant communities, and work with Roma.
  • AGM (Migrant Generations Association): is an intercultural association that targets the younger generation to promote volunteer activities, training, intercultural events and meetings, and active citizenship initiatives.
  • SIHMA (Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa): founded in 2014 in Cape Town, conducts research that contributes to the development of migration policies that promote the rights and dignity of migrants and refugees in Africa.

In addition, various informal youth groups in the area such as the Fridays For Future group from Chieri will be involved.


  • 50 young diocesan educators and volunteers from Piedmont associations, ages 18-35, are trained in climate justice, migration and development cooperation. The motivation for the choice is to train trainers who in turn can spread and replicate the culture of climate justice in local communities, particularly youth communities (parishes, scout camps, youth centers, etc.).
  • 70 young people in ages 18-25 will be accompanied to experience and training in climate justice and migration. The motivation is to have a strong existential experience that can bear witness in the community and can trigger change in the young people involved.
  • At least 600 participants in educational workshops and spectators at the Festival of Hospitality and at least 5,000 readers and visitors reached through media and social media, engaged and made aware of the issue.


The planned actions aim to raise awareness and activate local youth on migration, climate change, with a focus on connecting them. We will realize:

  • a series of 12 training meetings for young people on the reality of migration, investigating every facet of it, thanks to the support of external experts in the field;
  • a training course in international volunteering and cooperation for 25 young people from Piedmont who will then be able to experience international volunteering;
  • youth service and training camps in Piedmontese places of border and migration, particularly Oulx, Cuneo and Saluzzo;
  • meetings to participate in the international Climat Yes network, in which young people engage in an international ecumenical movement for climate justice;
  • webinar from South Africa on climate change and migration on the African continent, thanks to a collaboration with the Sihma study center;
  • cultural events included in the framework of the UPM Festival of Hospitality to be held in the Chierese area through collaboration with municipal administrations.

This page was created and maintained with financial support from the European Union, through the Piedmont Region in the context of the Mindchangers – Regions and youth for Planet and People project. Its contents are the sole responsibility of ASCS – Scalabrinian Agency for Development Cooperation and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the European Union.