The M.A.U.Mi, an initiative of theEcomuseo Casilino ad Duas Lauros, promoted in collaboration with ASCS and the Centro Studi Emigrazione – CSER Foundation in Rome.

The project involves the creation of 10 street art paintings that will tell the story of migration in Rome, on the wall of the garden of Casa Scalabrini 634, ASCS venue in Rome. The images were chosen thanks to historical research curated by CSER, another Scalabrinian partner in the project. The first five “walls” will be dedicated to the dimension of the sacred in Rome, from early Christianity to the figures of St. Helena and Constantine. They are signed by artists Nicola Verlato, David “Diavù” Vecchiato, Mr. Klevra, CROMA and Mosa ONE.

From September, the remaining “walls” will be built, representing the modern and contemporary period of Rome and East Rome. At the end of the process, M.A,U.Mi will be a real museum, a public space open to citizenship, a place of beauty for the house guests, the neighborhood and the city.


Together we can build an open and inclusive community in which diversity is an asset and everyone can contribute to the creation of the common good.