Your 5×1000 multiplies our actions!

Donate your 5×1000 to the ASCS
Tax Code 03133600241

How to do it?

  • On your income tax return form (730, CUD, Unico) you will find a box for the allocation of your 5×1000
  • Sign in the first box on the left “SUPPORT OF THIRD-SECTOR ENTITIES ENROLLED IN RUNTS… “
  • Please quote under your signature our tax code 03133600241
  • Download the poster and also send it to your friends, relatives, colleagues and your accountant inviting them to do the same. You will help us multiply our actions.

The most frequently asked questions

Sign in the box dedicated to third sector entities: “SUPPORT OF THIRD SECTOR ENTITIES REGISTERED IN RUNTS… ” and enter ASCS Tax Code 03133600241 in the space below.

Yes, it is true. The 5×1000 is a part of the IRPEF, and donating this amount does not incur any additional cost to the taxpayer. If you do not choose to allocate your 5×1000 to any third sector entity, that fraction of your IRPEF will still be paid to the Italian state. Thus, giving your 5×1000 to a nonprofit is a free and easy way to support a cause you feel is important.

Donating 8×1000 and 5×1000 are two separate actions. While the 8×1000 is about allocating IRPEF to the chosen religious institution, the 5×1000 is about allocating IRPEF to a third sector entity, such as ASCS. So if you have already chosen to give 8×1000 to a religious institution, you can still give 5×1000 to ASCS at no additional cost. The two choices are completely independent and represent an opportunity to support two different causes without conflict.

Yes, even if you do not file a tax return (formerly UNICO or 730) you can allocate your 5×1000. All taxpayers who receive CUD can donate this amount. To do so, you must go to a post office or CAF and hand in a free 5×1000 allocation form, which is attached to the CUD form. You will need to fill out, sign and deliver the form inside a sealed envelope by the tax return filing deadline. On the envelope you should indicate the following wording: “Choice for the destination of five per thousand of IRPEF,” the year to which the declaration refers, your personal tax code, and your last name and first name. In this way, you can give your 5×1000 to a nonprofit organization, such as ASCS, contributing to the realization of important projects at no additional cost.

If you do not include the ASCS tax ID number in your 5×1000 return, your donation will not go to the ASCS but will be divided among all third sector entities proportionally. Therefore, it is important to remember to write down ASCS tax ID number 03133600241 to ensure that your donation goes to support ASCS activities.

The income tax return is the document all taxpayers need to declare their economic situation, based on which taxes are calculated. In addition, through the tax return, you can freely allocate your 5×1000 to ASCS. But what are the deadlines?

Deadlines for Form 730:

  • By September 30, 2023 at CAF or licensed professional or pre-filled online
  • By September 30, 2023 directly on the website of the Internal Revenue Service – pre-filled 730 form
  • By September 30, 2023 to its tax withholding agent

Deadlines the Income Form:

  • By June 30, 2023 if delivered in paper format at Post Offices
  • By November 30, 2023 if submitted online or transmitted by a qualified intermediary

How much is your 5×1000 worth?


Gross income Net tax Your 5×1000*
€15.000 €2.570 €12,85
€20.000 €4.030 €20,15
€30.000 €7.170 €35,85
€50.000 €15.210 €76,05

* Values shown are illustrative only, based on net taxes and before any deductions, deductions, withholdings or tax credits.