No one chooses to end up under the bombs of a war, regardless of where you live, the color of your skin, whether you are a man, woman or child.

As Scalabrinian Missionaries of Europe and Africa, we have always been sensitive to the many conflicts still being fought in the world today. In our projects and missions, we strive every day to offer our support to the victims of every human exodus, the many migrants and refugees fleeing poverty, persecution, war, and despair.

Today we want to take action to also support all people fleeing the war in Ukraine, regardless of their citizenship. Many of them have already arrived in our territory, many will arrive in the upcoming weeks.

For this reason, as SIMN Europe Africa through ASCS, we are kicking off #WeCareForUkraine, a Fundraising and Awareness Raising Campaign that aims to provide a concrete response to this dramatic situation that is disrupting the lives of millions of people.



We collaborate with some local entities that have already activated collections of medical and food items to be sent to Ukraine or the border countries. We will also donate basic necessities, covering essential needs, to families and people affected by war who come to our projects and missions in Europe.


We support people and families arriving from Ukraine, some already accepted into ASCS projects in Italy. Working in a network with other partners, we want to accompany those in need in their search for housing, including acting as a liaison between people looking for housing and those who want to open their homes to welcoming.


We promote the physical and psychological health of those who are suffering the consequences of war. With the WASI project, a psychological desk for migrant women, already active for the Ukrainian Community in Milan, we want to increase individual and group meetings with native-speaking psychologists.


In the various Scalabrinian projects and missions in Europe, we are already getting active with several initiatives to support the major humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We want to tell you what we are doing in our realities to cope with different emergencies.

Italian Catholic Mission c/o Saint Pierre de Chaillot Church
Italian Catholic Mission – Rue de Montreuil
Saint Bernard de la Chapelle Parish
– The various communities are taking action to collect basic necessities and support the #WeCareForUkraine Campaign

Comunidad católica de lengua española
Collection of basic necessities.
– Fundraising in support of Caritas Internacional, Renovabis and Asociación Ucrania (Ukrainischen Vereins Frankfurt).

Holy Redeemer Church : Italian Catholic Mission, Portuguese Catholic Mission, Philippine Catholic Mission.
– Contact with the Conference of Religious.
– Direct support for the #WeCareForUkraine Campaign.

ASCS Milan and Chiesa del Carmine
– Reception of families arriving from Ukraine.
– Psychological support to individuals and families arriving from Ukraine through the Wasi project with individual and group meetings.
Self-Mutual-Help Group for the Ukrainian community in Milan through the Wasi project. [Scopri di più]

– Collection of basic necessities in support of the Ucraina Più Association
-Italian language school for adults and children [Scopri di più]
– Play activities for children.

+info: info@ascs.it | +39 02 4547 6033

Sts. Philip and James Parish in St. Augustine

– Collection funds, which will flow to the “Caritas Emergency Ukraine” office of the Reggina diocese..

ASCS Rome, Casa Scalabrini Project 634

Reception of families arriving in Italy from Ukraine.

– Collection ofbasic necessitiesin collaboration with Medicina Solidale and MAM.

+info: roma@ascs.it | +39 06 241 1405

Most Holy Redeemer Parish – Valmelaina
– Collection of basic necessities.


We would also like to point out the contacts made available by the Municipality of Rome for the Ukraine Emergency
Toll-free number: 800 93 88 73 | emergenza.ucraina@comune.roma.it

Portuguese Community
– Collection of basic necessities.

Scalabrinian Community of Amora
– Collection of basic necessitiesin collaboration with the Diocesan Caritas of Setúbal.
Scalabrinian Missionaries – Secretariato de Migraciones

– Opportunity for migrants arriving from Ukraine to participate in services already active for migrants and refugees present in Spain, including personal and spiritual accompaniment, training courses, employment guidance and socio-legal counter.

Muttenz Mission
– Fundraising activities in support of #WeCareForUkraine

Catholic Italian Language Mission
– In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Bern, collection of basic necessities and medicines to be donated to the Embassy of Ukraine
– Fundraising in support of Caritas Switzerland

Catholic Italian Language Mission and Catholic Spanish Language Mission.
– Emergency fundraiser for the Diocese’s Lenten Campaign.

Catholic Italian Language Mission
– Collection of medicines and basic necessities in collaboration with Vincentian Volunteers.
– On the occasion of the “Soupe de Carême” initiative (April 2-3, 2022), fundraising in support of #WeCareForUkraine

Catholic Portuguese Language Mission – St. Clotilde Parish.
– Contact with the Ukrainian Embassy to the UN to collect and send basic necessities that have already arrived in Poland by three trucks.

Together we can make a difference. Join us!